Rising high on the Yorkshire moors at Aire Head near Malham, the Aire, which gives its name to one of the famous Yorkshire Dales, flows south-west via Skipton, Keighley and Saltaire to Leeds. By the time it reaches Leeds it has become extremely polluted and stays that way right down to its junction with the Ouse near the village of Airmyn. In the upper reaches are trout and grayling with coarse fish stocks increasing further down. In all sections, serious efforts at restocking are being carried out by associations and by the Yorkshire Water Authority. Ticket possibilities on these fairly fruitful reaches are reasonable. Bingley, W YorksM 1J miles from BingleytoSaltaireAB DT:ATS or AAA (Bingley AOIApr 1-Feb 27 Cononley, N YorksM6j miles at Cononley, Kildwickand SteetonAB

DT: K (C. Summerskill 15, Cragg View, Cononley) or ATS (at Bradford)e Keighley, WyorksM9 milesfrom


DT: ATS (Keighley, Steeton, Utley,

Bradford and Bingley) or by post from D. Freeman, 6, Eelholme View

Street, Beechcliffe, Keighley (S.A.E. For reply)

Shipley, WyorksM2 milesfrom

Shipley to BingleyBB

DT: ATS (Mrs Mathewman,

Boathouse, Victoria Road, Saltaire,


Skipton, N YorksM3j milesfrom

Carleton to Skipton BB

DT: AAA (Skipton AA)(in summer)e

Skipton, N YorksM2 miles from a point above Carlton down to SnaigillBB DT:AAA (Skipton AA) Stockbridge, S YorksM2 miles from Keighley Golf Course to Silsden Playing FieldsLB DT: ATS (Leeds)Apr 1-Feb27e Associations: Bradford City Angling Association; Bradford No 1 Angling Association; Leeds ASA. BAIN (YORKS) A tributary of the Ure, the Bain drains from Cragdale Moor and first enters Semerwater Lake before flowing north to join the Ure at Bainbridge. It is mixed fishing offering some chance for the visitor.

Bainbridge, N YorksT1 milefrom

Outlet as marked by Wensleydale


DT: AP (Rose and Crown,

Bainbridge) I{on day ticket)-