Arran has four main rivers, lorsa, Kilmory, Machrie, and Sliddery, all draining to the west coast of the island from the central peaks. They attract salmon and sea trout with the peak time being reckoned from August onwards. There are also considerable numbers of brown trout in the rivers and in the lochs found on the island.


KILMORY WATER KilmoryTSTSEntire water (by arrangement with Arran AA) DT: AK(D. Duff, Machrie)H (Lagg Hotel, Kilmory)PO (Lagg)j


Migratory fish in this river tend to run late with the best times being Jul-Oct.

BlackwaterFootSTS3 miles upstream from sea BB DT (long lets also available): L6K orARO(J. Boscawen, Killiechassie Estate Office, Aberfeldy, Perths. Tel: Aberfeldy 496) H (Lagg Hotel, Kilmory)Jun 1-Oct 15


There is no salmon fishing to speak of although some must venture in through short tidal ‘rivers’ into the myriad of lochs. The hotel at Creagorry can arrange fishing and trout fishing is likely to prove a better bet than the sea trout, although some hefty migratory specimens have been taken from the numerous estuary or tidal sea pools. The hotel is also excellently situated for ventures at Loch Bee.