This small river rises on Moel Ysgyfarnogod (2,044 feet) to flow south-east to enter Cardigan Bay below Llanbedr. Said to be improving, the river offers brown and sea trout. The estuary is rated good for bass. Access for visitors is reasonable.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (Gwynedd Rivers Division) Llanbedr, GwyneddTSTS 4 miles from a point 3 miles above Artro extending downstreamBB DT:ATS(inarea)PO (Llanbedr)=.Apr2-Oct16(S);Mar 4-Sept30(T)

Bach Howey. See R. Wye Braint

Rising on Mynydd Llwydiarth, the Braint flows almost parallel with the Menai Strait to swing southeast in its lower reaches to enter the Strait below Dwyram. Best early season, it offers trout and some sea trout. Farmers generally give permission to fish to visitors. Rod Licence: WNWDA (Gwynedd Rivers Division)

Uangeinwen, Anglesey Gwynedd TSTEntire river

Free fishing (provided permission of RO is first obtained) Cadoxton Stream

A small trout stream which flows into the Bristol Channel near Cadoxton. Access obtained through farmers.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (Glamorgan River Division)

Cadoxton, Barry, S. GlamT 8} miles, entire river

Free fishing (provided permission of RO is first obtained)


Brynrefail, GwyneddT1 mile from BrynrefailAB DT:ATS(inarea)orARO (Gwynedd River Dvn, WNWDA, Highfield, Caernarvon)! e

Cammarch. See R. Wye