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Conger fishing out of Dartmouth

The sea is not always reasonable. Despite a reputation for sudden unpredictability, when it comes to boat charters, the sea is strangely predictable: whatever weather you need, the sea provides the opposite. So it was hardly a surprise when the week we had booked on Lloyd Saunders’ boat Saltwind of Dart for a few daysContinue Reading

Big flounder fishing in the Teign Estuary

Roy Repton has lived and fished in Teignmouth for 22 years. He specializes in catching big flounders and has taken three over 4lb (1.8kg) – his biggest weighing in at 4lb 4 1/2 oz (2.06kg). Motoring out towards Shaldon to set up a spooning course. Roy knows the flounder hotspots but needs to find aContinue Reading

Wrasse fishing on Alderney

The breakwater that protects the harbour and provides excellent, easy-to-get-to rock fishing. Alderney wrasse. He has quite a list of big fish to his name: ballans to 8lb 5oz 10dm (3.8kg), plaice to 6lb 9oz (3kg), 54lb (24kg) shore conger, mullet to 6lb 6oz (2.9kg) and many more. But he hasn’t had a double-figure bass,Continue Reading

Wreck fishing off Newhaven

In October 1990, Chris Martin took seven anglers from Guildford Deepsea AC some 45 miles out from Newhaven in Sussex to an unmarked, virgin wreck. They returned with a conger weighing 96lb 3oz (44.4kg), a new port record – and two anglers had their rods smashed by even bigger eels! Today the Nikaria is goingContinue Reading

Fishing off Money Point power station

It’s a 20 minute trip to the first mark so Mike takes the chance to put his tackle in order. He sets up an 10½ft (3.2m) modified beachcaster which he uses for uptiding with a large fixed-spool reel incorporating a long cast spool. He loads this with 25lb (11.3kg) line to which he adds aContinue Reading

Uptiding for tope with Mick Toomer

Mick Toomer is off to spend the day at sea after tope, and Janet, his wife, is overjoyed. Not because she prefers having the house to herself (let’s have no misunderstandings). It’s just that when she woke up this morning, the bath was full of eels – and she wants them out of the house.Continue Reading

Roughing it with Davy Proudfoot

To get to Scrabster Harbour in Caithness, go north and stop just before you fall in. It’s the most northerly port on mainland Britain with a regular charter fleet. But why go there at all? Well, the sea is heaving with fish for one thing — cod, coalfish, pollack, porbeagles, bass (yes, bass), skate (andContinue Reading

Over the top with Flynn and Holmes

A couple of seals poked their heads above the towering waves, braving the gale to glimpse the intrepid anglers. You could see them nodding sagely, as though saying: ‘It can get a bit blustery in Anglesey.’ Even ace Welsh sea anglers Colin Flynn and Jeff Holmes had to agree that if ever there was aContinue Reading

On the road with Hughie Smith: part 2

A certain lack of enthusiasm is starting to creep into things on day three of Hughie Smith’s attempts to find some fish -an early start sees plenty of groaning and thick heads. But a huge breakfast soon sorts that out. Stepping out of the hotel to the car – a miraculous vision – it’s brightContinue Reading