Avon (Bristol)

The Bristol Avon is unique among major in the amount of fishing controlled solely by associations. For a river of its size, it offers little or no ticket fishing. The only way for a visitor to gain real access to it is by taking out seasonal membership of one of the associations involved, something easily done by calling at the nearest tackle shop, for most of those in the area act as agents for the associations. In its upper reaches – and in its tributaries – the fishing tends to be exclusive and without friends in the area, the visiting angler will have difficulty getting on any water.

The Avon rises in the Cotswolds near Tetbury and flows via Chip-penham, Bath and Bristol to the Severn estuary to the west of the latter city. It is mostly known for its coarse fishing which has been con-stantly improving in recent years. This is one of the rivers which has had a recent injection of barbel and these fish, though known to be thriving, have yet to have their full impact on sport. They are mostly found around Limpley Stoke.

In addition to coarse fish, the Avon also contains trout, some of them sizeable. Not surprisingly, trout are more often encountered in the upper reaches and in the tributaries. The main tributaries -all association controlled – are the Boyd Brook, the By (or Box) Brook, the Chew, the Frome, the Marden, Semington Brook (all trout and coarse fish) and the Cam Brook and Wellow Brook (both trout).

The following associations offer fishing – some of them a great deal • on the Avon and some of its tributaries: Bath AA (sections on

Avon include Bath, Bathampton,

Claverton, Limpley Stoke and War- leigh, also water on Cam and

Willow Brooks); Bathampton AA (sections on Avon include

Bathampton, Batheaston,

Claverton, Kelston, Limpley Stoke,

Saltford and Warleigh, also water on Wellow and By Brooks and

Marden); Bradford-on-Avon AA (sections on AvonatAvoncliffeand

Bradford-on-Avon); Bristol and

District Amalgamated AA (sections on Avon at Bathampton, Benger,

Christian Malford, Freshford, Keyn- sham, Lacock, Malmesbury,

Melksham, Saltford, Sutton,

Swineford, Warleigh and

Wilsbridge, also water on Chew at

Malmesbury and Chewton Keyn- sham and on Cam Brook); Bristol and West of England Anglers’

Federation (sections on Avon at

Keynsham, Saltford and

Wilsbridge); Calne AA (large holding on Marden); Keynsham AA (section of Avon at Keynsham and also some fishing on Chew); Ushers AA (Avon fishing at Staverton).

All the above offer membership at reasonable fees to anyone who wishes to join, the choice depending upon which section of river the visitor wishes to fish. It should be added that some of these associations also offer excellent Stillwater opportunities in this area at centres not open to ticket fishing.

For those who prefer to obtain association membership before travelling to the area, it should be added that addresses for the sec-retaries of all the above associations appear on 369.

Detailed checks we have made suggest that other associations with fishing on this river and its tributaries operate closed memberships. Rod Licence: WWA

Chippenham, WiltSC]32 miles from Chippenham to Kellaways RoadBridgeAB

DT: ATS (Chippenham)

Hanham, AvonCFrom Hanham


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