Avon Tributaries


Sometimes called Box Brook, this stream rises north of Langridge and flows south to join the Avon just above Bath. It offers coarse and trout fishing with the likeliest chances through association membership, especially

Bathampton AA.

Castle Combe, WiltshireT — J mile in grounds of Manor House HotelBB DT: AH (Manor House Hotel) Apr 1-Sept 30e

FROME (Somerset)

Rising in Bruton Forest, the Frome flows north through Frome to join the Bristol Avon above Trowbridge. It is trout fishing in its upper reaches but lower down, coarse fish, especially good roach, predominate. The likeliest access for visitors is through association membership, especially Bristol Amalgamated.

Frome, SomersetCT – 8 miles from Lower Marston to ShawfordAB DT:ATS (Frome) SEMINGTON BROOK

Rising south of Devizes, this stream flows north west to link with the Avon near Holt. It is mixed fishing with some chance for.visitors. Trowbridge, WiltsM3 mile from Pineckley Bridge, Bulkington, to SewageWorksBB DT: AAA(Lavington AC)

Bristol Avon Records’

Match Catch Records: 5 hour 78-9-8 D Baker in match at

Ladydown 1 4} hour 27-7-0 J Fellows in match at

Bathampton 1

Barbel: 9-11-0 R Mumford Aug 1

Bream: 8-8-0 W F Matthews Mar 1

Carp: 15-0-0anglerand date unknown

Chub: 5-4-0 E Moore July 1

Pike: 20-13-0 M Osborne Sept 1

Roach: 2-5-8 J Westacott Sept 1

Trout: 6-2-0 Ltalbot May 1

Trout, sea: 6-12-12 M Bowler June 1 ‘these records are officially kept by the Bristol Avon Area Fish Records Panel. We thank them for permission to reproduce them here.