Shakespeare’s river, the Warwickshire Avon is the longest and, for many, the most important tributary of the Severn. Rising in the extreme east of Warwickshire, the river flows west skirting Coventry to the north then on to Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Evesham and Pershore before joining the Severn at Tewkesbury. It is justifiably noted for its coarse fishing, the major species being roach, dace, chub, perch, pike and bream, the latter being most apparent in the slower reaches below Pershore especially in the section over-shadowed by Bredon Hill. Though ticket facilities exist, the majority is association controlled, the Birmin-gham Anglers’ Association in par-ticular having a number of excellent fisheries on this river. Cleeve Prior, Here & WorcCThree fields from lane leading to river at Cleeve PriorLB Free to holders of STWA rod licences

Eckington, Here & WorcC7 miles from Bredon to Eckington and part at BirlinghamAB DT: K (Mr Stayt, Boon Street, Eckington)P(Bell Inn, Eckington) or AAA (Cheltenham FC) Evesham, Here &WorcC1 mile from Boat Lane to railway bridgeBB

DT: AC (E. Huxley, Hampton Ferry, Boat Lane, Evesham) Pershore, Here&WorcC3J miles upstream and downstream of Pershore Free fishing for holders of STWA rod licences

Pershore, Here & WorcC J mile above and below junction with Piddle BrookRB Free to holders of STWA rod licences

Stratford upon Avon, WarwicksM1 j milesfrom Stratford towards Warwick and 2 milesfrom Stratford towards EveshamBB

DT: Bor AK (Capt A. E. Heath, 3, Garrick Way, Evesham Road, Stratford upon Avon)€ Tewkesbury, GlosC1 mile from Nealings Mill to Lower Lode DT:Be Warwick, WarwicksCJ mile at St.

Nicholas ParkRB

DT: ARO (Amenities Officer, 10,

Newbold Terrace, Leamington


Wood Norton, Here & WorcC 1 J miles in areaRB

DT:ATS (S.R.Lewis, 2,

Severnside South, Bewdley)

Associations: Extensive Birmingham A A control. Their centres include Stratford-upon-Avon, Hampton Lucy, Miicote, Barton, Marlcliff, Salford Priors, Cleeve Prior, Evesham, Wood Norton, Charlton, Cropthorne, Fladbury, Pershore, Pensham, Birlingham, Nafford, Eckington andTwyning.

Otherassns: Worcester& District UAA; Royal Leamington Spa AA; Rugby Federation of Anglers.

Avon (Warwicks) Records

Match Catch Record: 70-6-

P Warren in Winter League match

Feb 1

Chub: 6-0-0 A Gould (maggot) Jan 1

Roach: 2-11-0 M Jones (maggot)

Aug 1

Tench: 4-8-0 J Latham 1


A tributary of the Vyrnwy, the Banwy rises in the Welsh mountains and flows east to join the Vyrnwy near Heniarth. It is a mixed fishery offering coarse fish (mostly grayling, chub and dace), trout and the occasional salmon. Most opportunities for visitors are through association membership. Llanerfyl, PowysCTSection above and below road bridge, LB, 2 miles, RB, I mile DT: B or AAA (Northern AA)TS (Chester)

Llanerfyl, PowysCTS 1J miles at Llanerfyl and RhydarwyddRB DT: AAA (Liverpool and Dist AA) Associations: Birmingham AA BERK

This mixedfishery rises in the Cots-wolds and flows westwards through Tortworth, crossing the Vale of Berkeley to enter the Severn estuary.

Thornbury,AvonCT3 milesfrom Tortworth to junction with Severn BB DT: ATS (Edwards, Thornbury)


A Vyrnwy tributary, like the Banwy, the Cain flows from the Welsh mountains to join the Vyrnwy near Llansantffraid. It contains coarse fish and trout with limited facilities for visitors.

Llansantffraid, PowysM2 mile from road bridge to footbridgeLB DT: AH (Lion Hotel, Llansantffraid)

Llanfyllin, PowysT400 yards near hotel -.tBodfach Hall Hotel, Llanfyllin


This small tributary of the Severn joins the main stream near Forden.

Forden, PowysM 2 miles from

StalloeRoad Bridge to Gaer Road


DT: ATS (Bond’s or Millington’s, bothatWelshpool)-


Another of the waters which drains into the Severn estuary, the Char (sometimes known as the Little Avon) offers mixed fishing.

Charfield, Avon CT5 miles from

Charfield to junction with


DT:AH (Charfield Motel)


Rising north of Ledbury, the

Leadon flows south east to link with the Severn on the right bank opposite Gloucester. It contains trout and coarse fish and, like the

Severn, has been stocked with barbel. Opportunities for visitors are limited.


A tributary of the Warwickshire Avon, the Learn, a coarse fish river, rises near Daventry and flows west through Leamington Spa to join the Avon at Warwick. There are some opportunities for the visitor centred on this very pleasant spa town.

Leamington Spa, WarwicksC 1 mileat Newbold ComynRB

DT: (L40)B or ARO (Amenities

Officer, 10, Newbold Terrace,

Leamington Spa)

Leamington Spa, WarwicksC 0 mile at Victoria Park[LB

DT:(L20)BorARO (Amenities

Officer, 10, Newbold Terrace,

Leamington Spa)

Leamington Spa, WarwicksC mile at EdmondscoteRB DT: (L20)Bor ARO(Amenities Officer, 10, Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa) Leamington Spa, WarwicksC 1 mile at Mill Gardens LB

DT: (L20)B or ARO (Amenities

Officer, 10, Newbold Terrace,

Leamington Spa)


This is a tributary of the Tern and should not be confused with the Mease, a tributary of the Trent in Staffordshire. The Meese rises near Newport (Salop) and flows west to meet the Tern, a few miles above the latter’s junction with the Roden. It contains coarse fish and trout.

Caynton, SalopC2 miles below


DT: AAA (Whitmore Reans CAA)


Rising near Newtown, this trout stream flows north to join the

Severn at Abermule.

Abermule, PowysT 4 miles from Abermule to Kerry BB

DT: ATS (H. L. Bebb, Newtown) e


This small tributary of the Teme offers trout and coarse fish with association fisheries the best chance for visitors.

Associations: Birmingham AA.


Rising near Hengoed, the Perry flows south-east via Ruyton-XI-Towns to join the Severn just upstream of Shrewsbury. It is best for chub and dace with some roach and bream and a few trout. Polluted in parts recently, it is now said to be recovering. Again, associations offer the best possibility for visitors.


Rising on Mynydd Clogau, the Rhiw winds eastwards through Manafon and Pant-y-fridd to join the Severn below Berriew.

New Mills, PowysTS2 miles at


DT: AAA (Liverpool and Dist AA)


Rising east of Ellesmere, the Roden flows south east through Wem to join the Severn near Wellington. It is a mixed fishery offering coarse fish and trout.

Rodington, SalopCT At

Rodington Hall FarmBB

DT: AAA (Whitmore Reans CAA)


Rising to the south west of Birmingham, the Saiwarpe flows through Droitwich before joining the Severn below Claines. Some sections are polluted but close to the

Severn, it is coarse fishing offering massive concentrations of fish at times when the main river is in flood. Another tributary on which associations offer the best access. SOWE

This tributary of the Warwickshire Avon is totally polluted and is of no account.

STOUR (Warws)

Rising near Long Compton, the Warwickshire Stour flows north-wards through Shipston-on-Stour to join the Warwickshire Avon on its left bank just below Stratford-upon-Avon. Its mostly coarse fishing, including chub to 4 lb, bream to 5 lb and dace with the chance of the occasional trout. Yet again, association membership offers the best passport to the fishing.

Associations: Extensive

Birmingham AA control. Centres include Milcote, Clifford

Chambers, Atherstone, Preston,

Wimpstone, Crimscote.

STOUR (Wore)

The Worcestershire Stour flows from a point near Dudley to join the

Severn at Stourport. It is polluted and has been written off as an angling proposition.


Rising in Wales, the Tanat flows east to join the Vyrnwy just above

Llanymy nech. It offers trout, coarse fish (mostlychubandgrayling)and the occasional salmon. Some facilities exist for visitors.

Llangedwyn,ClwydCTS-(during Trout season) J mile near LlangedwynLB DT: AH (Green Inn, Llangedwyn) Llansantffraid, PowysM2 mile at LlansantffraidJBB DT:AH(Bryn Tanat Hall) Llan-y-Blodwel,SalopT1 mile at Llan-y-Blodwel DT: (L4)AH (Horse Shoe Inn, Llan-y-Blodwel. Tel: Llansantffraid 227) TEME

The Teme rises above Felindre and follows a winding eastward course through LeintwardineandTenbury Wells before swinging south-east to join the Severn immediately below Worcester. Odd salmon are reported but the main fishing is for trout or coarse fish. Ticket opportunities are limited.


Rising near Ashley, the Tern follows the Staffordshire-Shropshire border before turning south west to join the Severn. It is coarse fishing with a few trout, ticket facilities are limited. Marsh Green, SalopCTAt Isombridge FarmBB DT: AAA (Whitmore Reans CAA)


One of the most important of the Severn tributaries, the Vyrnwy gathers itself in Lake Vyrnwy in northern Powys before following a winding course through Dolanog and Myfod to meet the left bank of the Severn near Llandrinio. The Vyrnwy offers coarse fish, trout and some salmon. Though some ticket fishing exists, associations again offer the best chance for the visitor. Llansantffraid, PowysCTS 1 mile at Colfryn FarmLB

DT: ATS (Liverpool) or AAA (Liverpool &DistAA)

Llansantffraid, PowysCTS 2 miles at Llansantffraid and


DT: AAA (Liverpool and Dist. AA)

Llanwddyn, PowysTSTSM – 3 miles from weir below Dam


DT: AH (Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, Llanwddyn)

Vyrnwy Records

Match Catch Record: 101 -5-0 C Brownbill in club match Mar 1973 Pike: 25-8-0 K Skelding (sprat) Jan 1

Llanymynech,SalopCTl5 miles from Pentre Farm down to A road bridge (LB) and a further} mile downstream of bridge (RB)

DT:BorAAA(NorthernAA)TS (Chester)

Llanymynech, SalopM1 mile from Great DyffryddLB

DT: ATS (Bond’s or Millington’s, both Welshpool)

Maesbrook, SalopCT3 mile in area LB

DT: B or AAA (Northern AA)TS (Chester) ? Associations: Warrington AA; Coventry AA; Birmingham AA.

Note: Not every Severn tributary is listed above. Those excepted are minor and are mostly private or of no account. Silverburn. See Isle of Man Slea. See R. Witham Soar. See R.Trent South Tyne. See R. Tyne Sow.See R.Trent Sowe. See R. Trent Sprint. See Lake District