At one time, anglers spoke in hushed tones of this river as if it lived up to the dictionary definition of its name. Fast, tumultous, decidedly dangerous, producer of monstrous salmon, the Awe is even frightening on its short, whirlwind trip down the gloomy Pass of Brander to the sea from where surly 50 lb salmon forced their way into the spaciousness of Loch Awe itself. Despite hydro-electric operations, it is still a formidable river. The pump storage station at Cruachan meant building a barrage at the outfall of the lock with the result that the natural flow of the Awe has been decreased, but not to the extent that has occurred on other rivers affected for this reason. Summer salmon in Scotland tended to be moderate in size but the Awe fish of July and August were leviathans. The best appears to be one of 57 lb caught in 1921. But there are countless anglers who claim to have lost fish as big, if not bigger, inthis river, perhaps the nearest thing in the British Isles to the turbulent major salmon rivers of Norway. While the fish do not seem to be as big now, the Awe should never be discounted for it can still surprise.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 15 (R&L)

Taynuirt,Argylls,StrathclydeS1i miles from barrage to viaductBB Weekly bookings. All enquiries to Bell-Ingram, 7, Walker Street, Edinburgh EH37JYK

Awe Records

Salmon: 57-0-0MajAW

Huntington (fly) 1

Sea Trout: 21-0-0 Rev AH Upcher 1

Trout: 17-0-0 J H Craig Wilson 1 generally accepted asthe record Scottish sea trout

Awe Tributaries

LOCHY (Strathclyde)

A tributary of the Orchy, running west through Glen Lochyto join the Orchy at Inverlochy. Tyndrum, Perths, CentralT 2 miles of river downstream from Loch. Ticket also covers fishing in LochanNabiBB DT: A (L. Musk, Caravan Site, Tyndrum)C(Ben More Tea Room)=Mar15-Oct6e


Rising in Loch Tully, thisriverflows down through Glen Orchy to enter Loch Awe below Dalmally. A trouting water of medium quality, it is a fine salmon river at the right time and, strangely, earlierthan the Awe itself. This means the Orchy can yield in March and April while Awe fishers are still waiting. The river relies on rain which it needsto keep the cascade of waterfalls tumbling to sustain it as a river rather than just a wide stream. Bridge of Orchy, Argy I Is, StrathclydeS2 miles at Bridge of OrchyLB

DT: AH (Inveroran Hotel, Bridge of Orchy)mid-Jun-Oct 15 Dalmally, Argylls, Strathclyde TS6J miles extending upstream from Loch Awe

DT: A (Croggan Crafts, Dalmally) H (Dalmally Hotel)

KEY fish

C coarse T trout ST sea trout S salmon M mixed fly only Location downstream LB left bank RB right bank BB both banks AB alternating banks TP tow path Type of water (L) lake (P) pond (R) reservoir (GP) gravel pit

Ticket control hotel fishery requiring residence DT: day ticket available: WT: weekly ticket available: (L) day tickets limited to numbershown on any oneday B on bank TO from ticket office TM from ticket machine K from keeper or bailiff or A can be bought in advance A must be bought in advance AA from Angling

Association/club TS from tackle shop K from keeper or bailiff (not on site) P from pub H from hotel F from farmer RO from riparian owner C from cafe G from garage PO from post off ice Boats available x rowing boat —. punt motor boat

Special points to note • ghillieavailable = open season if different from normal ; Sunday fishing not available –WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) aa no rod licence required e special regulations apply