The Ayr is the largest river in Ayr-shire, rising in Glenbuck and flowing some 40 miles to the sea at Ayr Harbour. At the turn of the century it was considered virtually useless from a salmon fishing point of view, having been ruined by poaching and pollution from coal workings. Overtheyears, however, the general neglect has been tackled and the Ayr is now a fair but not spectacular salmon river in the summer and autumn with, of course, the bonus of sea trout. It is best known for trout, which run to over 2 lb in weight. Grayling are also present.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 31 (R&L)

Auchinleck, Ayrs, StrathclydeTS 1 milefromHowfordto


DT: ATS (A. Gibson, Main Street, Auchinleckorfrom 21, Milne Avenue, Auchinleck) Ayr,Ayrs,StrathclydeTSimile from Cemetery Burn to Craigie PoolBB

DT: ATO (Kyle and District Council,Town Buildings, Ayr)e Catrine, Ayrs, StrathclydeTS2} miles from dam at bowling green to old Howford BridgeBB DT:B or A (TV Shop in Square, Catrine)Mar15-Oct31 (S); Mar 15-Oct6 Muirkirk,Ayrs,StrathclydeC (Grayling only)T8 miles from source to boundary at Glenbuck with Sorn AC water BB

DT: AP (Empire Bar, Muirkirk) or

AAA(MuirkirkAC)Mar15-Oct (T); Grayling all year e

Sorn, Ayrs, StrathclydeC (Grayling only)TS5 miles from SornBB

DT:AP(Sorn Hotel and

Greyhound Inn, Sorn)G (ICM

Petrol Station, Sorn)PO (Sorn)Grayling fishing free from


Ayr Tributaries


Cumnock, Ayrs, StrathclydeT 2 miles extending from LugarBB

DT:ATS (Cumnock)


Drongan, Ayrs, Strathclyde

CTS8 miles in areaBB

DT: AAA (Drongan Youth Group



Muirkirk, Ayrs, StrathclydeC (Grayling only)T6milesfrom source to junction with River AyrBB

DT: AP (Empire Bar, Muirkirk) or AAA (Muirkirk AC)Mar15-Oct 6 (T); Grayling all year LOCHAR WATER Cumnock, Ayrs, StrathclydeT Entire water

Free fishing (subject to advance permission from RO) LUGAR Rising in the centre of the county near Cumnock, this river joins the Ayr south of Mauchline. It offers salmon, sea and brown trout and grayling with reasonable opportunities for visitors. Auchinleck, Ayrs, Strathclyde TS4 miles from Auchinleck to MauchlineBB DT: ATS (A. Gibson, Main Street, Auchinleckorfrom 21, Milne Avenue, AuchinleckJlMar 15-Oct 31Ke Cumnock, Ayrs, StrathclydeTS (on season ticket only)5 miles from Cumnock to DalblairBB DT:ATS(Cumnock)e


This small river, where sport can be good in the late summer and autumn, falls into the tideway of