Baitcasting rods

In addition to the standard patterns of spinning rods, there is a special type which originated in the US and is known as a ‘baitcasting’ rod. This rod, designed to be used in conjunction with a multiplier, features a pistolgrip, cranked handle to allow the fisherman to cast and control the reel using one hand. It is made with a onepiece top 56ft long, and the reel is mounted on top of the rod. This arrangement enables accurate casting but has the disadvantage that longdistance casts are not possible.

Heavyduty spinning rods

The heaviest patterns of rod are required for spinning with dcadbaits for salmon and large pike in very unfavourable water conditions. The deadbaits can weigh up to 4oz, and lines up to 20 lb b.s. Are needed.

A rod capable of handling heavy lures and leads should be 91— 1 Oft long and fairly strong, with a test curve of H2|lb. This type of rod is very often used with a multiplier, for heavy spinning. The handles are usually 2428in long.