Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid) Bala, at 4 miles long and, in places, mile wide, is Wales’ biggest natural lake. Formed way back in the Ice Age, it is 150 ft deep in places. The entire lake was bought by the local county council in 1965 and is now jointly managed by them in cooperation with the Snowdonia Park Committee. As a fishery, it has a great deal to offer. There are coarse fish: roach (to 1 lb) and perch (to 3 lb) are the commonest and nets of more than 50 lb are often caught by holiday anglers. There are also grayling, pike (to 30 lb) and eels. Add, too, the gwyniad, a denizen of the deep so rarely caught and a cer-tain relic is the only fish found in the British Isles with a Welsh name and the British record, a fish of 1 lb 4 oz, came from Bala in 1965. Now there are also trout, and big ones, too. Locals rate a 3 lb fish about the norm. A recent specimen weighed 8 lb 14 oz but the lake’s record, taken in the 30s, was a fish of 11 lb 2 oz. And if that is not enough to keep any angler busy, there are also many salmon in Bala though, in fairness, they, too, are not often caught.