Birmingham-Fazeley Canal

This canal begins at a junction of canals at Gravelly Hill close to the centre of Birmingham. It passes almost immediately under ‘Spaghetti Junction’ – surely one of the most unusual places to go fishing in Britain. Anglers do fish there among the concrete supports and they catch fish. Some locals claim this fishing – which offers roach, perch and bream – has been neglected. Certainly more anglers in the Birmingham area are giving the water a tentative try. The Canal flows north, linking first with the Coventry Canal at Fazeley junction, finally terminating at its meeting with the Trent and Mersey at Huddlesford. The canal is almost entirely controlled by the Birmingham AA who, while they do not sell tickets, offer this as one of many waters on their seasonal coarse fish card which can be bought by all.

Rod Licence: STWA (Trent Rivers Division)

Fazeley, StaffsC1 mile from Tamworth to FazeleyTP DT:B

Bolton & Bury Canal

This short canal runs south-west from Bury towards Bolton. A coarse fishery, it offers opportunities for the visitor. Rod Licence: NWWA Bury,GtrManCLB DT: ATS (Fisherman’s Way, Boundary Street, Bury or Angling Centre, 83, Rochdale Road, Bury)