Rising in Penninghame Forest, the Bladnoch flows south-west through Kirkcowan almost parallelling the Cree to the east to enter Wigtown Bay below the town which gives it its name. Rated a salmon stream of moderate potential, the river also offers grilse, sea trout, pike, perch, and trout, with late summer and autumn being best for the migratory fish. Chances for visitors are reasonable.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 31 (R&L)

Kirkcowan, Wigtowns, Dumfries & GallowayTS2 miles at KirkcowanRB DT: AH (Tarff Hotel, Kirkcowan) e

Newton Stewart, Wigtowns,

Dumfries & GallowayTS3 miles at Waterside FarmBB

DT: A (Hotels and caravan sites in area) or AA (Newton Stewart

AA)Mar1-Sep30(S); Mar 15-


Bladnoch Tributary


This river rises on Eldrig Fell and follows a meandering southeasterly course to join the Bladnoch near Kirkcowan. It is rated useful for trout and the occasional sea trout.

Kirkcowan, Wigtowns, Dumfries &

GallowayTSl3 miles from Tarf


DT: TO (Three Lochs Caravan Park,


Kirkcowan, Wigtowns, Dumfries &

GallowayTS6 miles at


DT: AH (Tarf Hotel, Kirkcowen)e