British Field Sports Society

The aims and objectives of this society are as follows:

To ensure the retention of field sports as an integral part of the activities of modern society.

To show how field sports enrich and conserve the wild life of our country.

To keep a watching brief in Parliament on everything likely to affect field sports; to promote legislation where necessary and to oppose legislation likely to be harmful to the interests of field sports.

To assist every branch of field sports and the interests of all field sportsmen and to promote field sports through literature, films, the press, television and radio.

To provide information, advice and assistance to members.

Anglers’ Co-operative Association

This association is an anti-pollution organisation supported by anglers. It protects its members against water pollution by invoking the Common Law. Founded in 1948 it has successfully fought High Court actions, halted numerous pollutions and recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage for its members.

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