Brown Trout

The statutory close season for brown trout for the whole of Scotland is inclusive. Many water controllers operate this season but many do not. As with salmon and sea trout , the exceptions mean that the owner is operating a open season and a longer one. Exceptions, where notified to us, have been included in the entry for a particular centre. In those cases where no season is given the reader can reasonably presume that the statutory season is the one in operation. Rainbow Trout

There is no statutory close season of any kind for rainbow trout. Controllers may use their own discretion and where we have been notified that seasonal dates are applied, these dates have been given under the relevant Fishing Guide entry. Coarse Fish

There is no close season for coarse fish anywhere in Scotland. In theory this means that the coarse fishermen ought to feel free to fish north of the Border all year round. In many cases he can, but in some areas game fishing interests, the invariable controllers of the fishery, forbid coarse fishing at certain times. Where such restrictions are known to us they have been given but as so many controllers of fishing in Scotland are known to consider coarse fish of no importance, it is likely many may not have considered any such restrictions worth specifying.

Here again, then, the visitor who intends travelling some distance to fish for coarse fish is advised to double check that the fishing will be open.