This is really two rivers, for the non-tidal section which rises in North Norfolk, near Melton Constable, and ends at Coltishall, is totally different from the navigable length, which becomes ever deeper and wider on the way to the sea at Great Yarmouth. The upper reaches offer fly fishing for trout -mostly private, though the AWA has day ticket fly fishing. Coarse fishing interest begins around Ayl-sham, and all the accessible areas between there and Coltishall can offer superb sport. The roach run to 2 lb plus and the bream to 8 lb and sometimes even bigger, but in the usually gin-clear water they take some catching. From Coltishall downstream the fish population is larger, but with a consequent drop in quality. Roach and bream offer excellent sport, especially in winter, when pike fishing is also good. The key centres are probably Horning and Wroxham. The fish seem to crowd into these areas in winter, and in really extreme cold conditions there can be no better centre than Coltishall, where fishing on the local common isfree. Acle is often held to be the downstream limit of the ‘comfortable’ fishing. Downstream of here the depth and the fierce tidal influence defeat all but the expert angler, but fish are caught as far downstream as the a ‘pub’ on the Acle-Yarmouth road. If permission can be obtained, outstanding winter sport can be enjoyed in the ‘sleeping’ boatyards, where the motor cruisers await the coming of the holidaymakers, and in the lacework of dykes leading off the main river, especially at Horning. This is true of the Bure and all the other Broadland rivers. Acle, NorfolkC3 milefrom Acle Bridgeto junction with Muckfleet plus similar distance on MuckfleetAB Free fishing

Bure Tributaries


The narrowest and shallowest of the main Broads rivers, and therefore most affected by boat traffic in the summer. The river rises at Antingham but it does not become fishable until it reaches Honing. It wends its way from there through Wayford Bridge and on into Barton Broad. The most important part of the Ant lies below Barton Broad, between the village of Irstead and

River Records


Match Catch Record: 65-0-0 J Bullock in Broads Champs 1967 Rudd: 3-7-0 R C Clements Bure

Match Catch Record: 78-0-0 W Rix in club match 1

Bream: 10-12-0AJEmden 1

Bream, Silver: 3-0-0 N Hartley Aug 1

Perch: 4-12-0 A J Hodges Oct 1

Roach: 3-4-0 WCBly 1

The confluence with the River Bure. This length holds pike over 20 lb, but small and medium-sized bream are the main sport. The most productive centres are un-doubtedly Irstead and How Hill, a little further downstream, and the last few hundred yards before the junction with the River Bure. How Hill, NorfolkC630 yards immediately below How Hill LB Free fishing

Ludham, NorfolkCFrom below Ludham Bridge to Ant mouthLB DT: KorAAA(NorwichAA)TS(in area)

Wayford Bridge, NorfolkCFrom Honing Lock down to junction with Bure except where access is otherwise controlled Free fishing (mostly from boats, exceptat Wayford Bridge)x{at Barton Broad) CANDLE DYKE

This short feeder of the Thurne about 1} miles above Potter Heigham connects with the mile-long, reed-banked Heigham Sound and the larger Hickling Broad beyond. Some huge catches of bream can be taken, usually at night.

Martham, NorfolkCBankfishing only accessible by boat

Free fishing A(at Martham and



At a mere five miles this is the shortest of the tidal Broads rivers, but it can be one of the most exciting. It rises from a lacework of streams and dykes at the village of West Somerton and flows through the private Martham Broad to Martham, Potter Heigham and the River Bure. Martham and Potter Heigham are the key areasforbank access, and Martham might also be described as the main access point (by boat) to the main upper Thurne Broads – Hickling, Heigham Sound and Horsey Mere. The Thurne is a modest fishery for most of the season, but it always hits a tre-mendous peak in the winter months, when hard frosts seem to drive vast shoals of roach and bream from the shallow broads into the main river.

Bastwick, NorfolkC3J miles from

Martham Broad to point near

Repps StaitheLB

Free fishing

Cold Harbour, NorfolkC1 mile from stile down to confluence with

R. BureRB

DT: KorATS orAAA (Norwich &


Potter Heigham, NorfolkC4i miles from Martham Broad to Cold

Harbour (plus 2 miles in Candle and

Womack Dykes)

Free fishing

Thurne, NorfolkC3 mile above junction of Thurne with BureLB Free fishing Thurne Records

Match Catch Record: 83-0-0 J

Randell, open match at Potter

Heigham Feb 1

Pike: 35-0-0 R Pownall Feb 1

Roach: 3-9-0 J Osborn July 1

Rudd: 3-3-1 C R Pitchers June 1


A secluded and very pretty back-water of the Thurne. Heavy reed growth has been cleared and the water remains navigable to Ludham.

Ludham, NorfolkCSection in area DT: K (at Womack Holidays, Womack Woods, Ludham) x Waveney

Like other major Broadland rivers the Waveney is split into tidal and non-tidal sections, for which the dividing line is Geldeston Lock. The river rises in Fenland a few miles from Diss, and becomes a good fishery at Scole. Roach, dace and chub are the main species in the non-tidal part and in some areas the roach grow well into the specimen class. Local angling clubs (cheap to join) control plenty of good fishing and there is much free sport at Earsham Common. Other main centres are Shotford Bridge, Bungay and Wainford. In the tidal areas bream predominate, and catches have been known to top 100 lb in matches. Beccles is the main access point on the tidal river. Aldcby, NorfolkC3 mile at Aldeby (LB)and170yards(RB)at Worlingham (Suffolk) Free fishing

Barsham,SuffolkC2 miles between Beccles and ShipmeadowRB Free fishing Bungay, SuffolkCSeveral sections in area leased by Bungay

Cherry Tree AC

No DT but bookings for club parties accepted Sept-Mar on application to Secretary Bungay, Suff olkC 1J miles from

Bungay to OutneyCommonRB

DT:AAA (Suffolk County

Amalgamated AA)

Earsham, NorfolkC2J miles in separate sections above and below

Earsham MilljLB

Free fishing

Geldeston, NorfolkC4 sections in areaRB

Free fishing

Geldeston, NorfolkCfrom Geldeston Lockto sea except where access is otherwise controlled Free fishing

Gillingham, SuffolkC3 mile upstream of Beccles (RB) and 1} miles (LB) downstream of Beccles Bridge Free fishing

Needham, NorfolkCl mile above Needham Mill (RB) and 500yards Waveney Records

Match Catch Records: 5 hour 150-14-01 Meickle in club match Aug 1 4} hour 130-10-0 R Foster in club match Aug 1

Bream: 9-0-0 S Peters July 1

Chub: 7-9-0 S Maddox Jan 1

Perch: 5-2-0 Lgordon 1

Roach: 2-15-8 D Jiggins 1

Sea Trout: 8-8-0 G B Chadd (spinner) Oct 1 (LB) below Mill

Free fishing

Wainford, NorfolkC250 yards above Wainford MillBB

Free fishing

Associations: DissAA; Harleston &Wortell AC; Bungay Cherry Tree AC.


This is a drainage channel which links the Waveney at St Olaves with the Yare at Reedham. Unlike so many drains, it is fast flowing. Heavily fished in summer, the predominant species are roach (averaging 8 oz) and bream. Haddiscoe, NorfolkCEntire drain from St Olavesto Reedham Free fishing