One of Ulster’s best known salmon rivers, the Bush rises on the northern slopes of the Antrim Mountains to flow west to Con-agher Bridge before swinging due north to enter the sea at Bushmills. In its lower reaches near Bushmills, the river is the subject of interesting experimental work into the management and biology of salmon being conducted by the Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland. It is an ongoing programme and anglers are asked to co-operate with the Department, by giving details of their catches as requested on their permits. The river has been split up to give as many as possible a chance of sport though it should be added that the Bush is a spate river which must be approached at just the right time for optimum sport. The Bush also attracts runs of sea trout and contains goodly numbers of brown trout, too.

Rod Licence: FCB/G Ballymoney, Co. AntrimS25 miles from point near Ballymoney down to special section at Bushmills (short section above Benvarden Bridge closed to anglers) DT: ARO (Dept. of Agriculture, 2-4, Queen Street, Belfast)Mar 1-Sept30e

Bushmills, Co AntrimTSTS

J mileat Bushmills

DT: TO (The Hatchery, Bushmills) or A RO (Dept. of Agriculture, 2-4,

Queen Street, Belfast)Mar 1-