This Scottish island is particularly interesting for it is that rarity for this part of the world – a place to delight game and coarse fisherman. Really spectacular reports have come from Loch Fad. Roach abound with 2 lb specimens rated reasonably common and the biggest fish going almost 3 lb. Equally striking is the water’s pike potential. These fish average 15 lb with 20 lb reasonably common and claims made of the presence of giants to 40 lb. There are also perch. Though most are small, fish of specimen stamp (3 lb and more) are not rare. Loch Ascog also offers similar fishing though not of the quality found in Fad. For the game angler, the attraction is Loch Quien, a first-class trout water with fish averaging a pound. Though we have no reports of salmon, some of the streams attract sea trout.



Kilfinan TSTS3 miles from High Fence to Loch FyneLB DT:(L6)AH (Kilfinan Hotel, Kilfinan) – (by special arrangementwith hotel)tf

Still Waters

KILFINAN Meldalloch,T?-

DT:AH (Kilfinan Hotel Kilfinan)


Loch Ascog T?-

DT: ARO (Bute Estate Office,


Loch Fad T

DT: ARO (Bute Estate Office,


Loch Quien Tr

DT: ARO (Bute Estate Office, Rothesay)N-