This tributary of the Aire, though much polluted, is often seen as a testbed for all those who believe an end can come one day to river pollution. That is because the

Calder in the Brighouse area has been literally brought back from the dead by sterling co-operative efforts between Bradford No 1 AA and the Yorkshire Water Authority and their predecessors. When the first stage of the Calder rescue took place in the early ‘sixties, dramatic catches, especially of roach, were the norm. But all the time, the river remained on a knife edge in view of the constant threat of further pollution in its highly industrialised valley. From time to time it happened and there were setbacks and the Calder went into real decline. Latterly, it is showing distinct signs of improvement. Apart from the Brighouse section – which can be fished through membership of Bradford No 1 – the river is still barren of fish.

Bubwith, HumbsM4 miles from


DT: AP (White Swan, Bubwith or

Boot & Shoe, Ellerton) or AAA (Howden and Dist AC)Open all yeare

Elvington, N YorksM 1J miles from Elvington Bridge downstreamRB

DT: AK (Tom Ashton at Sutton on


Hackness, N YorksT 8 miles of riverin Forge ValleyBB ‘’-Hackness Grange Country Hotel Hackness, N YorksT 12 miles from West Ayton to Langdale



Eastborough, Scarborough)H (Hackness Grange Hotel and

Everley Hotel, both at


Stamford Bridge, HumbsC4 miles from Stamford Bridge to Kexby


DT: APO (Stamford Bridge)=Jun 1-Feb27e

Stamford Bridge, HumbsCJ mile from Stamford Bridge downstreamLB

DT: APO (Stamford Bridge)Jun 1-Feb 271 e

Sutton on Derwent, N YorksM4 miles from above Elvington Bridge to 2J miles below Sutton Dam LB DT: AK (Tom Ashton at Sutton on Derwent)Apr1-Feb27)e

Yedingham, N YorksM3 miles from Foulbridge to 2 miles below Yedingham BridgeAB DT: AP (Providence Inn, Yedingham)=oApr1-Feb27e Associations: York and District Amalgamation; LeedsASA; Slaithwaite& District AC; Hull & District AS. DON

An even bigger monument to industrial pollution than the Dearne, the Don is, without any doubt, one of the most polluted rivers in England. Upstream of Sheffield, attempts to re-stock it with trout have been patiently tried by the progressive committee of Sheffield and District AA but, after some early success, their hopes now appear to have been dashed by further waves of pollution. DOVE (Yorks)

A tributary of the Rye offering trout and grayling fishing, the Dove flows from Farndale Moor to join the Rye just below Salton. The fishing is extremely private.