Thanks to boundary changes which saw the disappearance of Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire has inherited the most famous reservoir trout fishery in Britain -Grafham Water, the centre which sparked off the revolution seen in the last 10 years in fly fishing for reservoir trout. It also offers other opportunities for the visiting still water fisherman. BUCKDEN

Grafham Water (R) First opened in 1967 when it produced scores of huge trout which had grown fat on freshly flooded agricultural land, Grafham became the touchstone for the still water game, inspiring many authorities to open their reservoirs for the first time and a renewed interest in those already in existence. Grafham remains a mecca for thousands of anglers because of the chance of really big trout. Grafham’s biggest weighed 12 lb 5 oz. It was caught in May 1976. The biggest rainbow, weighing 9 lb was taken in June 1975. Grafham continues to be one of the best stocked fisheries in the country. In the last full season for which figures are available, it yielded 36,431 trout, 2,946 of them weighing 3 lb or moreT DT: TOTM or ARO (AWA, West Perry, Huntingdon)! x x(all boats may be booked one month in advance)May 1-Oct 13 tu CAMBRIDGE Barnwell PitC DT: AAA (Cambridge Albion AS) AWA


Block Fen (GP) This is one of the newer Stillwater trout fly fisheries and, according to reports, has been welcomed by those who have visited itT?-

DT: TO (Chatteris Aqua Sports, Langwood Farm, Block Fen Drove, Mepal)xApr1-Oct13AWAe MANEA ManeaP’rtPC DT: BorAAA(Manea AC)AWAe


DT: AAA (Great Ouse Fishery Consultative Association) NB: free to anglers who are members of associations affiliated to Great Ouse FCA AWA RAMSEY MERESIDE Ramsey MerejC DT:ATS(Ramsey)AWAe


St. Ives Gravel Pits Offering excel-lent coarse fishing, these pits are reserved for members of Birmin-gham AA, who operate an open membership. STIBBINGTON

Sibson Fisheries (L) This commercial development offers lake fishing for big trout (browns and rainbows) and for coarse fish (including large carp). The owners also offer fishing on a number of sections of the neighbouring River NeneT-y

DT: (L 2) ARO (Sibson Fisheries, New Lane, Stibbington)=Apr 1-Oct31AWAe WHITTLESEY Bundy’s P’rtsC DT: KAWA