One of Cornwall’s principal game rivers, the Camel rises above

Camelford and flows into its estuary below Wadebridge.

Salmon enter this spate river every month but it is at its best with some water on. The main runs of grilse are in July and August. Summer salmon move up in September but the main run of fresh fish is in

October, November and

December, a fact which explains why this river has the late closing date of December 15 for salmon. Sea trout move at all times – even during drought. Not surprisingly, the best results with these fish are obtained at night, the biggest fish being caught in May. Trout tend to be small in the main river, the bigger specimens are found in the higher reaches and the tributaries. Bass fishing can be particularly good in the estuary.

Rod Licence: SWWA

Bodmin, CornwallTSTS12 miles from Fenteroon Bridge to Polbrock


Dtfnot in December): (L 10)AK (A. Cowl, Camel Valley Cottage,

Dunmere, Bodmin)– Apr 1-Dec

Wadebridge, CornwallTSTS miles in area, 1} miles on tidal river, and another section below

Wenford Bridge (detail on permit)

DT: (L4) (also WT)A(A. E.Cave&

Son, Gents’ Outfitters, Polmorla


Camel Tributary


Wadebridge, CornwallTSTS 1 mile in area

DT: (L4) (also WT)A(A. E.Cave&

Son, Gents’ Outfitters, Polmorla Rd

Wadebridge):Apr 1-Nov Can. See R. Blackwater (Essex) Candle Dyke. See Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Carey. See R. Tamar Cheddar Yeo. See P. Axe (Somerset) Chelmer. See R. Blackwater (Essex) Cherwell. See R. Thames Chess. See R. Thames Chet. See Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Chew. See R. Avon (Bristol) Churnet. See R. Trent Clough. See R. Lune Cocker. See Lake District Cod Beck. See R. Ouse (Yorks) Colby. See Isle of Man Cole. See R. Thames Coin. See R. Thames