The dace is common throughout England and Wales, except in the extreme West.

Baits for dace

Dace will take most baits offered to roach at one time or another, according to prevailing circumstances. Bread baits, including paste, crust, crumb and flake, are popular, and cereals such as wheat, hemp, or tares also account for large bags, especially in winter, when insect life is less easily found by the fish. Many anglers like to groundbait the swim with hemp, while using elderberry on the hook. This is worthwhile, as the fish hang on to the bait a little longer, giving the angler fractionally more time to synchronize his strike with the disappearance of the float.

In summer, maggots, caddis grubs, woodlice, earwigs, or freshwater shrimps and worms are all good dace baits, and the angler must experiment to see which best suits existing conditions and the whims of the fish on a particular day.

Almost any float or ledgering method can be employed, according to preferences and the water fished, but the sparing use of groundbait is always useful for attracting shoals to the vicinity.