Although the rodcaught record sole was a fish of 5 lb 7oz, caught by L Dixon from an Alderney, Channel Islands, breach in 1980, most fish encountered when rod and line fishing are under 2|lb, with the majority between 8oz and 14 lb, so heavy gear is completely unnecessary. As most sole fishing is done on quiet summer nights, the lightest possible beachcasters can be used with a line of under 15 lb b.s. If the venue demands long casting, then the nylontype paternoster rig should be used to achieve a good distance, but in other areas a stainless steel paternoster gives the best results. Soles, like all other members of the flatfish family, are attracted by glitter.

Hooks should be longshanked to t make unhooking easier, as the fish usually gorges the hook. The hook should be no larger than a size 6. The best bait depends on the worm commonest in the area. For instance, if there are extensive lugworm beds in or near the fishing area, lugworm is the obvious bait; if the main worm in the area is ragworm, then this should be used.