Boat Fishing

Boat fishing for conger

Conger eels often wait inside their lairs for prey to swim nearby, but they may also prowl the ocean depths. Residents of holes and fissures on rocky reefs, conger eels are the legendary snakes of the sea. Immense, muscular fish of littered wrecks, they are at home hundreds of fathoms down. Wreck conger can reach …

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Taking a surface-feeding fish by dapping is a time honoured technique. But to be successful, the angler must first master the art of concealment and be prepared to move swiftly There are two methods of fishing that are called dapping. One technique is employed when fishing from a boat and aided by wind, the other …

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Boat fishing

Although much knowledge can be gained from the bank, to read a big pit well, a boat is essential. Bankside observation cannot reveal the underwater structure of out-of-reach areas, and at best only shelves near the bank, depth changes and other structures can be charted. By rowing round the pit and sounding the bottom with …

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