Brook rods

Accuracy in casting and versatility in difficult conditions are the hallmarks of the brook fly fisherman. The right sort of tackle can increase your expertise and increase your catch. Fly fishing in brooks and small rivers places a premium on accurate casting at short range. This is the basis of all brook fishing, but when …

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Beachcasting technique

Becoming an expert beachcaster does not require any special skill. With constant practise and the right technique you can soon achieve a good, far flung cast with effortless ease Really good beachcasters are disappointing to watch. The rod sweeps round in an effortless flick, seemingly without enough power to. Cast more than 80 yards. Yet …

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Long Distance Casting

A long distance cast from the shore is usually rewarded by a good catch. And for this you need a long rod. But there are other factors to consider when choosing a beachcasting rod The first shorefishing tackle was a simple arrangement of hook, line and sinker either lowered into the sea from rocks and …

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