Dapping Q and A

Do I need special hooks for dapping with live insects? No, but fine wire hooks with small barbs are preferable. How strong a line and how big a hook can be used before they intrude? A 6 lb length of nylon is a standard weight for dapping, but among submerged branches or similar snags, 8 …

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An established part of ledgering is tempting fish to the spot where you are fishing with groundbait or samples of the hookbait. Swimfeeders enable you to do that with accuracy Swimfeeders and blockends are perforated plastic cylinders, approx-imately 2-3in long and lin diameter. Swimfeeders are open at both ends and are used mainly for ground-baiting …

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Ledgering Technique

Ledgering is basically a method of fishing without a float. Once thought to be a rather crude technique, with modern bite indicators it has been transformed into an art Once, ledgering was considered a crude and clumsy way of fishing, only resorted to when float fishing had failed to catch fish. Now, ledgering has a …

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