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Lures for sea fishing

Most sea fish have at least some predatory blood in their veins. While some are very much more aggressive than others, most chase lures with a little encouragement. Artificial attractors and lures therefore have an important role to play in sea fishing. Fish find food by smell, sight and vibration. A lure on its ownContinue Reading

Preserved baits for sea fishing

Preserved baits for use in the sea are a mixed bunch, with a mixed reputation to match. Most of them are good only as a stop-gap, but some can work very well for certain species. There are three main ways to preserve baits – salting, pickling in various preserving liquids, and freezing. Each can haveContinue Reading

Flatfish spoons

Baited flounder spoons are proven flatfish catchers. You can buy them in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes, but the successful ones all have a similar basic design. Use a well designed spoon correctly, and you’ll notice such an increase in your flatfish catches, you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them before. JohnContinue Reading

Artificial sandeels

Artificial sandeels are made of rubber and come in a fantastic range of different colours and sizes. Colour and class Both bass and pollack take artificial eels at night, picking up on the vibrations set up by the waggling tail. But the colour of the eel is an important but often overlooked part of shoreContinue Reading

Limpets and slipper limpets

Limpets and slipper limpets are often overlooked as a potential bait by serious anglers. But because they are easy to gather, they are a firm favourite with the more casual holiday angler. Choice of two The largest of Britain’s native species, and the most often used by anglers, is the common limpet. It is 5cmContinue Reading

Mackerel magnetism

To stock up with enough mackerel for a good day’s sea fishing, the usual technique in summer is to drop a weighted trace carrying six hooks – each whipped with coloured feathers – over the side of a boat. If you manage to locate the shoals then you’re soon hauling in strings of fish –Continue Reading

Success with shrimps and prawns

Live shrimps and prawns are excellent shore baits in summer for sporting fish such as pollack, bass and wrasse. The higher sea temperatures of summer tempt shrimps and prawns inshore, where they provide fish with rich pickings in the shallow water. With the onset of winter they retreat to the deeper water offshore. Boiled andContinue Reading

Muppet mastery

There’s no accounting for tastes – especially as far as sea fish are concerned. You can understand how a trout might fall for an exquisite Mallard and Claret, Yellow Humpy or aptly named Irresistible. In fact, it’s difficult to see how a discerning trout could resist these delicate artificial flies which imitate insect prey withContinue Reading

Plug away for bass and pollack

It’s a great moment when some unseen saltwater predator lunges at your plug. On light tackle you face quite a battle -especially when the fish realizes it’s been fooled. Bass and pollack are just two of the predatory sea species that fall for the attraction of this type of lure. Plugs are artificial lures designedContinue Reading

Silver-sided sandeels

There are two types of sandeels, the lesser and the greater. The lesser reaches 20cm in length while the greater can grow to 32cm. In most boat fishing situations using a live sandeel is often more effective than fishing with its frozen counterpart. When shore fishing, though, you can’t cast effectively with a live sandeel.Continue Reading