Off- shore fishing

Don’t snatch!

Different species of fish have different ‘bites’. But as with other forms of fishing, it is not necessarily the biggest fish which give the strongest bites. Some large cod will give tentative pulls at first, but this fish has a very large mouth, so a hurried snatch by the angler may well pull the bait …

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Terminal tackle

One of the most effective terminal tackles is the running ledger, with the sliding boom holding a lead of suf­ficient weight to hold the bottom. This will depend on the strength of the tide. Leads come in all the standard shapes — grip, torpedo, and bomb — and all do their job well when used …

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Off- shore fishing

Fishing off-shore will add a new dimension to your sport, and the range of tackle and techniques that you will need is quite different to that used for freshwater fishing in rivers or lakes. The off-shore fishing grounds round the British Isles have something for everyone. There are large skate, halibut, shark and conger, as …

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