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Fishing Harbours in winter

A harbour in winter looks very different from the way it appears in the balmy days of summer. Then, with hot sunshine, colourfully dressed holidaymakers and bustling boats, it’s a busy place. But in late October, when the equinoctial gales start pounding the shoreline, everything gets battened down for winter. Heavy seas send spray flyingContinue Reading

Fishing in Deep, rocky inlets

Halfway down the steep, gorse-infested cliff path you stop for a welcome rest. From your vantage point you can see the inlet clearly. It’s about 45m (150ft) below. From so high up, the azure water looks shallow. Only where the parallel fingers of rock poke into the open sea does it darken to a deep,Continue Reading

Baits from the beach

Fresh bait greatly improves catches. By digging and collecting your own – and storing it properly at home – you can be sure of a varied, ample and ready supply. Long, spring tides are best, as many baits aren’t uncovered at low water on short, neap tides. Lugworms and ragworms Lugworms and ragworms are widespreadContinue Reading

Stick close inshore for bags of fish

Dinghy fishing inside a bay allows sea anglers to enjoy the freedom and independence of skippering their own boat, without the added risks that forays into the open sea can entail. This is not to say that a trip into a bay should be treated lightly. Disaster can strike anywhere, no matter how sheltered. BaysContinue Reading

Fishing large industrialized estuaries

If you are prepared to return your catch and not eat it, and put up with murky water and a vista of dockyards and chemical works, there’s some excellent sport to be had on our larger industrialized estuaries. Your local estuary may have a bed of mixed ground – gravel, boulders, mud and sand –Continue Reading

Fishing Coves – small bays of plenty

Often barely 100m (110yd) wide, most coves are seldom if ever fished. Sometimes safe access is extremely difficult, if not impossible. But more often these tiny patches of coast are simply overlooked in favour of larger and better known beaches and rock marks nearby. Cove craft Coves offer a wealth of undersea features within theContinue Reading

Fishing sea docks and marinas

Sea docks – the shady domain of private eyes, press gangs, contraband cargo, cranes and wharves. This is a bit of an old-fashioned image of docklands – which nowadays have gone more up-market. You still get all the hustle and bustle of trade and sea traffic and a lively marina scene, but they are wellContinue Reading

How to fish rocky Atlantic coastlines

The jutting granite looks gentle and almost soft as it soaks up the heat of the August sunshine. A rough path leads down the cliff, and after some sweaty negotiations it is a relief to dump your tackle on a rocky ledge and sit in solitude. The water at your feet laps and sighs atContinue Reading

Fishing big estuaries by boat

An estuary is a bit like a big briny jigsaw puzzle. The interlocking pieces are the characteristic features which make up an estuarine environment – the more pieces you can fit together, the better your overall picture of this lively and varied underwater system, and the better your chances of angling success. Fishing from aContinue Reading