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Angling at Offshore reefs

Reefs you can only reach by boat – in both deep and shallow water – are great places to contact a wide variety of species. Catching fish consistently from an offshore reef comes only from learning to read the visible clues at the sea surface and interpreting the picture on the boat’s fish finder. YouContinue Reading

Fishing secrets: the bass

Chalk cliffs are rich seascapes posing a number of angling problems that differ from those of many other venues. They allow some specialization, especially when it comes to catching bass, but the many other kinds of fish coming inshore to feed make for exciting and varied fishing. However, a chalk cliff is no place forContinue Reading

Fishing in Small harbours

For the many species of fish that come close to our shores, a harbour is as convenient as a road-side snack bar. Harbour waters offer sanctuary to many small forms of life that prefer not to face the strong tides and crashing swells of the open sea. But this doesn’t save them from the attentionsContinue Reading

Tactics for fishing creeks and saltmarshes

Small creeks and saltmarshes – where the water is brackish – remain one of the last unexplored environments for sea anglers. Long after the open beach, the rocks and the broad expanses of big estuaries have given up their secrets, creeks and saltmarshes remain a mystery. Maybe it is their gentleness: there’s no roar ofContinue Reading

Sea lochs – wild west coast waters

You couldn’t wish for more beautiful fishing venues than the sea lochs of Western Scotland. The sea lochs on Scotland’s west coast are unique and varied. The shoreline changes from loch to loch, and within each one there are deep rock marks and shallow beaches, sometimes only a few metres apart. When exploring these watersContinue Reading

How to fish offshore wrecks

Compared with the shallow, aquamarine waters that wash about an inshore wreck, the world of an offshore wreck is dark and silent. Generally speaking, an offshore wreck is one that lies under at least 200ft (60m) of water. The English Channel hides hundreds of wrecks such as these – and thanks to the wizardry ofContinue Reading

Fishing from Concrete piers

Deep water, shelter and tide rips – concrete piers and breakwaters have it all.. Many of Britain’s stanchion piers were built for recreational purposes, but most concrete piers, jetties and breakwaters are there for more serious reasons. They are often positioned on stretches of exposed coastline to provide working boats with shelter from the tideContinue Reading

Shore fishing from steep shingle beaches

A wide variety of species comes within casting range off steep shingle beaches, giving anglers opportunities to land double-figure cod and loads of flatties. Year after year anglers drive hundreds of miles to fish premier steep shingle beaches such as Chesil Beach in Dorset and Blast Beach in Durham. The fishing potential of these beachesContinue Reading

Angling Tips – Inshore wrecks

Within months of sinking, wrecks are colonized by all manner of flora and fauna. They are like marine ‘islands’, providing fish with a secure home or bolt hole out of the way of the tide race, where they can dart out to intercept prey and food scraps. Dynamite Large wrecks are good for fish butContinue Reading

Catching fish in the North-east kelp jungles

Cod just love the tangled kelp beds found on deep water rocks. Thousands of years of constant erosion along the North Sea coastline around Northumberland have produced a varied landscape. The soft rock has been worn away, but the harder granite has survived to form long rock fingers (skeers) which can run several hundreds ofContinue Reading