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Choosing a fishing rod The basic rod usually comes in at least two sections, joined either by a ferrule or by the top section fitting into the lower one to make a smooth joint. The butt is covered with cork rings to create a firm and warm grip, and a series of carefully spaced rodContinue Reading

How to make your own fishing rod

Making your own rod is inexpensive and gratifying—and not as complex as it often seems. Here we show you how to go about the task, and later articles will describe refinements. The lift Avon type rod of a fairly fast taper is a good all-purpose rod able to cope with a wide range of circumstances.Continue Reading

Choosing Rod rests

  Not long ago a rod rest was thought of as the sign of a lazy angler. Nowadays sophisticated angling styles have made a rest an essential part of the angler’s equipment Until recently a rod rest was a length of stick with a forked end, often cut from a hedge by the water andContinue Reading

Centrepins and multipliers

Fixed-spool reels are appropriate for light-tackle fishing, but when using some specialized techniques and for big-game fishing centrepins and multipliers may be essential A centrepin is a reel acting as a line reservoir with its axis at right angles to the rod. Good centrepins consist of a flanged drum, machined to very fine tolerances, whichContinue Reading

Reservoir rods

With the increase in reservoir fishing in recent years and the really big fish available, it is important to go equipped with the right tackle. And having the right rod for the job is essential. The purpose of a rod in any type of fishing is to act as a guide for the line andContinue Reading

Bite indicators

From the simplest bobbin to the most elaborate buzzer, bite indicators carry the blame for many missed fish. But however intricate, they rely on competent fishing to work as they should The most expensive, well balanced, and skilfully fished ledger outfit, can only be as successful as the bite indicator used with it will allow.Continue Reading

Shots and shotting

Split shot is one of the principal forms of lead weight used in freshwater fishing. The correct choice and use of shot will make a great contribution to the success of your angling. Shot or split-shot: what does it mean to the average angler? Probably not very much. But these humble pieces of lead doContinue Reading

Fixed-spool v. closed-face

Opinions differ as to whether this reel is better than the fixed-spool, but many anglers prefer the closed-face reel’s simpler mechanism. Instead of a bale-arm, a rotating metal cap fits over the spool. This carries a retractable metal stud against which line is trapped. A second metal case over the stud prevents line slipping overContinue Reading

Long trotting

Long trotting is a fishing method for which many anglers prefer an or- -dinary centrepin reel, but this does not mean that they cannot practice it perfectly well with a fixed-spool reel. The technique is to take up slack after casting, and then open the bale-arm so that as the float drifts down through theContinue Reading

How a Fixed-spool reel works

No other piece of tackle has revolutionized the art of angling quite as much as the fixed-spool reel. Knowing how to handle it properly can save time and effort and improve your fishing The modern fixed-spool reel is a masterpiece of engineering design. It has banished one of the angler’s oldest problems, that of castingContinue Reading