Multipliers made easy

Overruns and backlashes Because the multiplier is a development of the original revolving spool centrepin, the spool must revolve to pay out or recover line. When you cast with one, the weight and speed of the sinker as it flies out to sea pulls line off the spool, making it rotate. All distance casting calls …

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Sea reels: multipliers

  Sturdy, reliable reels, multipliers can do battle with the toughest of customers – the stocky ballan wrasse included. Lock-down Sometimes you’ll find it necessary to set the drag on full power so the spool will not give line; this is called total lock-down. It is essential when fishing for conger over wrecks. After the …

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Centrepins and multipliers

Fixed-spool reels are appropriate for light-tackle fishing, but when using some specialized techniques and for big-game fishing centrepins and multipliers may be essential A centrepin is a reel acting as a line reservoir with its axis at right angles to the rod. Good centrepins consist of a flanged drum, machined to very fine tolerances, which …

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