One of Wales’ most celebrated salmon and sea trout rivers, the Clwyd rises in the mountains north of Corwen. It then flows down into the Vale of Clwyd via Ruthin and St Asaph to enter the Irish Sea at Rhyl. Salmon run through in March and May with the main run in July and August with the bigger sea trout moving in numbers from June, the latter part of this month being rated peak time for this species. Smaller fish run in August and September. There is a good brown trout population in the river, the native stock being constantly added to by associations. Access to the river is reasonable for visitors with hotels offering the best chance in the upper reaches.

Rod Licence: WNWDA (Dee and Clwyd Rivers Division) Bontuchel, ClwydTS -1100 yards at rear of hotelRB DT: AH (Bridge Hotel, Bontuchel) Rhuddlan, ClwydCSTS3 miles from Rhuddlan to seaBB Freefishing(NB: Game fish tend to run straight through as there are no holding pools)WNWA (only required for (S) (ST) and eels) St. Asaph, ClwydTSTS200 yards between Old Bridge and New BridgeBB DT:ATS (St Asaph) Associations: Clwyd AC; Denbigh & District AC

Clwyd Tributaries


This tributary of the Elwy has an outlet from Llyn Aled close to the Clwyd Records

Salmon: 29-0-0 captor& date unknown

Trout: 9-0-0 C Astbury 1 this fish was officially recorded by the former Dee and Clwyd River


Elwy Records

Sea Trout: 11 -8-0 G Davies (fly) July 1

Trout: 2-6-0 Mr Thompson (fly) June 1 long Alwen Reservoir in southwest Denbighshire. A trout stream, it runs for 10 miles through Llan-sannon to join the Elwey 3 miles downstream from Llanfair Talhaiarn.


The Wheeler flows into the Clwyd from the east joining it below Bod-fari. It is another tributary with little or no chance for visitors. YSTRAD

Rising to the west, this river flows via Denbigh to enter the Clwyd. It, too, is mostly private.

Llansannan, ClwydT3 miles from main road bridge to LlansannanBB DT: A(shop at Llansannan) CLYWEDOG

Rising west of Ruthin, this exclusive water joins the Clwyd a few miles below Ruthin. Chances for visitors are non-existent. ELWY