This county’s most famous angling asset is, of course, the Lake District. This was considered so important that it is the subject of a special section in which the fullest possible details are given of the fishing available Details are given below of the other still waters in the county outside the confines of the Lake District itself. ARMATHWAITE Inglewood Forest1 PIC DT: (L6)AAA (Wigan and Dist AA)NWWA ASPATRIA Brayton Pond C DT: K (Keeper’s Cottage close to lake)NWWA BARROW-IN-FURNESS Ormsgill Lower Reservoir[C DT:(L10)P(TallyHo,near reservoir) or AAA(Furness FA)NWWA

RoanheadPondsP(8)CT(1 pond only)

DT: TO (kiosk at Roanhead, summer only) or AAA(Furness FA) opens Apr 1 for T. C season normal NWWAe

BOOT Eel TarnT

Free fishing NWWA

CLEATOR MOOR Ennerdale LakeT

DT: APO (Wath Brow PO, Cleator

Moor) or A AA (Wath Brow & Enner-dale AA).=Mar 20-Oct 31NWWA Meadley ReservoirT DT: APO (Wath Brow, Cleator Moor) or AAA (Wath Brow and Ennerdale AA)Mar 20-Oct 311 NWWA COCKERMOUTH CograMossRT DT: ATS (Gun Shop, Lorton Street, Cockermouth or D. Lothian, Main Street, Cockermouth)=Apr1-Sept 30NWWAe


Killington ReservoirM

DT:BkorATS (Kendal) or AAA (organised parties must apply in advance to Hon. Sec, Kent

Westmorland AA) ‘Mar-Sept (T)



Oakbank GPIC

DT: AAA (Border Coarse



Thurstonfield LoughLT