The Derwent rises on the north side of Scafell Pike (3,210 ft) and flows down into Derwentwater. From the northern end of this lake at Keswick, it goes on into Bassenthwaite Lake and then, via Cockermouth, to the Irish Sea at Workington. The Derwent is noted for good runs of salmon and sea trout. Though some salmon arrive early, the salmon and sea trout fishing is considered best from late June with the main runs of these fish developing between the end of July through to early September. The river – and its tributaries – provide good trout fishing and there are also coarse fish, mostly pike and perch.

CockermouthTSTSFishing on Egremont Estate Water DT: ARO (Egremont Estate Company, The Castle, Cockermouth)

CockermouthTSTSThe fishing known astheTown Waters which includes: section in War Memorial Gardens from Derwent Bridge to Harris Mill Bridge (RB); between High Sand Lane and Lower Sand Lane (LB); from junction with Cockerto point near pylon (LB) WT:ARO (Town Hall, Cockermouth) Keswick TS 11 I miles from Keswick AB

DT: ATS (Temple’s, Station Street, Keswick) =Mar20-Sept 14 (T); Apr 2-Oct31(S)e Derwent Tributaries


A prolific fishing stream rising on Borrowdale Hause and flowing through Buttermere to Crummock Water and then down through the Lorton Valley to meet the Derwent at Cockermouth. Offers similar fishing to the Derwent but is mostly private.

CockermouthTSTSThe fishing known as the Town Water which includes: section in Harris Park (LB); from Victoria Jubilee Bridge to Cocker Lane footbridge (LB); similarsection (RB); from Waterloo footbridge to junction with River Derwent WT: RO (Town Hall, Cockermouth)


The small streamlets of Glen-daramackin and St John’s Beck join forces to become the Greta which flows for 4 miles to join the Derwent at Keswick. Trout and salmon run freely on this short stretch. KeswickTSl mile as shown on permitRB

DT: ATS (Temple’s, Station Road, Keswick) -Mar 20-Sept 14 (T); Apr 2-Oct31(S)e Goldrill

This beck links Brotherswater with Ullswater via Bridgend and Patter-dale. It offers free fishing for trout, usually most productive in the lower reaches above the entrance to Ullswater.