All the stillwaters in this county included below are reservoir fisheries controlled by the NWA. The most famous of these – and rightly so – is Derwent Reservoir for which greater detail is given below. Derwent excepted, the average weight of trout caught at the other waters is a pound, often less. Though Derwent yielded the biggest reservoir rainbow, a fish of 4 lb 1 oz.the honourforthebiggest brown goes to Scaling Dam with a fish of 7 lb 3 oz. CONSETT

Smiddy Shaw ReservoirT DT:(L10)TONWAe

Waskerley ReservoirT



Derwent Reservoir The biggest water in the county offering 7 miles of bank fishing, Derwent is an extremely popular centre with reservoir fishers, the 1976 season producing a new record total catch of 13,795 brown and rainbow trout. The water is extensively stocked and there is the added attraction that it is set in a lovely valley. At the time of writing, Derwent’s biggest brown went 3 lb 2 oz and the best rainbow, 4 lb 1 oz. Trout fishing competitions can be arranged at this water by applying in advance to the Sunderland and South Shields Water CoT DT:ToxAMay1-Oct14 NWAe

MIDDLETON-IN-TEESDALE Balderhead RescrvoirIT DT:TONWAe Blackton ReservoirT DT:TONWA

Cow Green Reservoir T DT:TONWAe

Grassholme ReservoirT


HuryReservoirT DT:TONWA Solset Reservoir T DT:TONWAe STANHOPE

Burnhope ReservoirT



Tunstall ReservoirT


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