Eden (Cumbria)

Rising near Kirkby Stephen on the Cumbria/Yorkshire border, the Eden meanders northwards to Carlisle emptying into the Solway Firth near Rockcliffe. Its 70 mile course through Appleby and Armathwaite make it a major fishery. The main attraction is its gamefish-salmon, sea trout and brown trout – though latterly the coarse fish potential of the river has begun to be more widely recognised. Where salmon are concerned, the Eden is renowned for its spring fish. They begin arriving in January and continue running until May. The summer fish start in June but this run does not usually develop real impetus until July. The spring fishing, not surprisingly, is best in the lower reaches. Well upstream, the season is generally well advanced before salmon fishing becomes worthwhile. Sea trout are at their best from June to August with the lower reaches the most fruitful. Brown trout fishing is rated good throughout the Eden system. Coarse fish, especially chub, dace and grayling, have created most interest around Carlisle where huge competition catches have been reported during those periods when this kind of fishing is permitted. Coarse fishing is subject to special regulations in most sec-tions of the river and anglers are urged to note them carefully. Ticket fishing is limited considering the size of the river and the majority of it is association or privately controlled.

Rod Licence: NWWA Appleby,CumbriaC (Grayling)11 milesfrom Bolton to SandfordAB

DT(Oct1-Jan31only):ATS (Appleby Shoe and Sports Supplies, Market Place, Appleby) Prior to Oct 1, this water is reserved for members of Appleby AA only)

Appleby, CumbriaT-11 miles on

Eden and tributaries (full details at hotel) Tufton Arms, Market Sq,

Boroughgate. T: Appleby 51593. 28rooms(17vJ-)

Armathwaite, Cumbria

C (Grayling)TSTS Fishing in area -Red Lion. T: Armathwaite 204. 11 rooms! –

Armathwaite, Cumbria TS1J miles at ArmathwaiteLB -Duke Head Inn. T:Armathwaite 226.8 rooms.

Carlisle, CumbriaTS7 miles at


DT: ATS (Carlisle) -Jan 15-Oct 14e

Carlisle, CumbriaC(This water is only open for coarse fishing between the dates specified below. Coarse fishing strictly prohibited outside these dates) 6 miles from M6 motorway bridge to railway bridge west of Carlisle. DT: ATS (Taylor’s, Grove Lane, Carlisle) or A AA (Border Coarse AC)Oct15-Jan16only Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria T 2J milesat Outhgill (1J m), White Bracken (J m)andStenkrith(j m) DT:AAA(ThornabyAA)e

Lazonby, Cumbria TS4 beats in area -Bracken Bank Lodge, Lazonby. — +

Warwick-on-Eden, Cumbria TSFishing at Warwick HallBB DT: AP (Crown Hotel, Wetheral) RO (Mrs Elwes, Warwick Hall, Carlisle CA4 8PG)x

Eden (Cumbria) Records

Match Catch Record: 64-0-

J Smiles in Border Coarse Champ

Nov 1

Chub: 6-3-0 Wcorless date unknown

Dace: 1-2-OJ Martin (maggot) Sept 1

Salmon:’60-0-0 Lbridger (fly) 1

Schelly: 1-1-0PF White 1

Trout: 4-6-0 D Horn (quill minnow)

Aug 1955. ‘the record catch for the river is 13 fish for 215 lbs taken on a March day in 1922 by F Milburn of Newcastle upon Tyne. Mr. Bridger’s is the biggest salmon caught in England.

Eden (Cumbria) Tributaries

This tributary links Ullswater with the Eden. Game fishing is the main sport though here again it is largely private or association controlled. GOLDRILL, GRISEDALE, DEEP-DALE AND HARTSOP BECKS

Patterdale, CumbriaTentire water plus 3 mile section of Aira Force

Free fishing