Esk (Border)

Formed by the meeting of the White and Black Esk high up in Esk-dale in Dumfriesshire, the Border Esk flows into England just south of Canonbie to reach the Solway Firth north of Rockcliffe Marsh near Sarkfoot Point. Though blessed with a good salmon run, the Esk is most famous for its fine runs of sea trout. Brown trout tend to be small but fish of a better stamp can sometimes be caught in tributaries like the Lyne. The coarse fish population, mostly dace and chub, is concentrated in the lower reaches of the Esk and Lyne with restricted seasons during which they may be pursued. The spring salmon run on the Esk starts in January and lasts usually until March but the period April-October is reckoned the best for salmon. The sea trout run gets under way in earnest in mid-June and continues until the end of Sep-tember. Sport with small sea trout, known as herling, begins to peak from July onwards. The Esk and its tributaries are mostly preserved, though some opportunities for visitors are available. Rod Licence: NWWA Special Note: this is only required on the English section of the river. In common with the rest of Scotland, no rod licence is needed on the Scottish reaches of this river and its tributaries. Canonbie, Dumfries, Dumfries & GallowayTSTS9 miles from Langholm to Scots Dyke (except for 1 mile as described on permit)BB DT:AH (Riverside Inn, Canonbie)

Langholm, Dumfries, Dumfries & GallowayTSTS6 miles from Langholm to CanonbieBB WT:AH(Eskdale Hotel, Langholm)tf



C coarse T trout ST sea trout S salmon M mixed fly only Location downstream LB left bank RB right bank BB both banks AB alternating banks TP tow path Type of water (L) lake (P) pond (R) reservoir (GP) gravel pit

Ticket control hotel fishery requiring residence DT: day ticket available: WT: weekly ticket available: (L) day tickets limited to number shown on any one day B on bank TO from ticket office TM from ticket machine K from keeper or bailiff or A can be bought in advance A must be bought in advance AA from Angling

Association/club TS from tackle shop K from keeper or bail iff (not on site) P from pub H from hotel F from farmer RO from riparian owner C from cafe G from garage PO from post off ice Boats available rowing boat — punt motor boat

Special points to note . ghillieavailable = open season if different from normal Sundayfishingnot available -WA Water Authority (for rod licence and close season) no rod licence required e special regulations apply

Esk Tributaries


A tributary of the Liddel, rising on the English border.

Penton, CumbriaTSTS(parts of fishery)2i miles Kershope House Estate Guest HouseMay 1-Sept30e


Rising in Roxburghshire, this river follows the border of England and Scotland from a point north of Nook as far as its junction with the Esk. It is a game fish river offering the same species as the Esk with isolated possibilities for the visitor. Canonbie, Dumfries, Dumfries & GallowayTSTS12 milesfrom Newcastleton to Scots DykeBB DT:AH (Riverside Inn, Canonbie)

Ponton, CumbriaTSTS – (parts of fishery)2 milesfrom Kershope Foot downstreamLB -Kershope House Estate Guest House=May 1-Sept30e


This river drains the Northumberland border country and reaches the Esk just upstream of the A74 road bridge over the river. In addition to game fish, it also contains coarse fish in its lower reaches. Ticket possibilities are few but some riparian owners, provided they are asked first, may give visitors permission to fish.