Esk (South)

Rising close to the source of the North Esk, amidst peaks 3000 feet high, the South Esk twists its way through heather and moor and ends up in a basin, the Montrose Basin, a sort of sea-cum-freshwater loch. It has one great advantage over its slightly larger partner, the North Esk in that it is not netted to the same extent. Unfortunately, it has not always been a particularly pleasant river to fish, due to sewage emanating from the Royal Burgh of Brechin, but sewage works are now almost completed. The South Esk can provide some really remarkable spring salmon fishing. Most of the best beats are held in the hands of the Earl of Southesk and some of the catches from the Kinnaird Beats – especially the top beat below the comparatively new fish pass – are remarkable. It is a splendid river of real quality, offering all-year-round sport with superb summer sea trout fishing and excellent autumn fishing. Much of the lower waters are held in estate hands, although there is hotel fishing available from Bridge of Dun and the upper waters around Cortachay provide permit access.

SOS: Feb 16-Aug 31 (Net); Feb 16-Oct 31 (R&L)

Bridge of Dun, Angus, TaysideT STS-y-1J milesfrom Bridgeof DunBB DT (only to anglers known to or accompanied by member of Montrose AC) :AAA (Montrose AC)=Feb16-Oct31 Glen Clova, Angus, TaysideTST S3milesinareaBB DT:AH(Ogilvy Arms, Glen Clova)oMar 14-Oct 7 (T); Feb 16-Oct31(S)

South Esk Record

Salmon: 59-0-0 J K Somerville Oct 1

Ewe Records

Salmon: 50-0-0 0 Grant (fly) 1902 Sea Trout: 16-8-0 W Brown (fly) June 1 Kirriemuir, Angus, TaysideTST

S?-(at low water) 7 miles in areaBB

DT: A TS (Kirriemuir) or AAA (Kirriemuir AC)Feb 16-Oct

Esk (South) Tributaries


Rising near Ogil (Angus), this stream flows south east to join the South Esk on the north bank opposite Netherton. It offers trout fishing.

Forfar, Angus, TaysideT mile as specified by Forfar Canmore AC notice boards DT: ATS (C. Kerr, 1, West High Street, Forfar) Mar 15-Oct Ettrick Water. See R. Tweed Euchan Water. See R. Nith