Esk (Yorkshire)

This is the only recognised salmon river in England’s biggest county. It rises high on Westerdale moor and flows down a picturesque valley through Grosmont and Sleights to enter the sea at historic Whitby. Not so long ago the Esk was devoid of salmon but thanks to efforts by the former Yorkshire River Board. And later the Yorkshire Water Authority, salmon began running up the Esk once more. Some con-sider this achievement one of the most successful attempts to restock a river with these migratory fish. Some of the most accessible salmon water is now administered by the Yorkshire Water Authority, the statutory body which took over from the River Authority. In addition to salmon, the river also attracts sea trout and contains brown trout and grayling. The middle reaches are mostly private. Rod Licence: YWA Whitby, N YorksTSTSjFrom Iburndale Beck, Sleights, to pier end in Whitby harbour (except section between Ruswarp Weir and the downstream side of Ruswarp Road Bridge where all fishing is prohibited)

DT: AJR. W. Swaby, Millbeck, The Carrs, Ruswarp, or Mrs P. G. Perry, River Gardens, Sleights, latter is sole source for fishing from Riverside Garden) TS (E. Wilson, 5, Haggersgate, Whitby)f-

Evenlode. See R. Thames