Though there are useful Stillwater trout fisheries in this county, it is, perhaps, most famous for the big bream some of its lakes and ponds have yielded, numbers of fish over 10 lb reported. There are also chances of big carp (fish of 30 lb and more) and specimen pike. BASILDON

Aquatels Lake Though most noted for its coarse fish, this privately operated fishery also offers trout fishing. Bream of 10 lb and more have been caught here and so have specimen carp of 30 lb plus. An advantage is that night fishing is permitted for these fishCT DT:TO(SiteShop)orARO (Aquatels Recreation Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon) Apr 1-Oct 31 (T); normal (C) season AWA

Gloucester Park LakeC



Lake Meadows LjC



South Weald LakejC


CHELMSFORD Central Park LakeC Free fishing AWA East Hanningfield Hall (L) A recently restored trout fishery offering brown and rainbow troutT?-DT:(L10)BorARO(Tel: Chelmsford 400269 for advance booking) x I -Mar 19-Oct311 AWAe CLACTON ON SEA


DT: Anewsagents, 81, Coopers Lane, Clacton on Sea AWA COLCHESTER Ardleigh Reservoir This excellent water must be rated among the best trout fly reservoirs. A joint venture between the AWA and the Tendring Hundred Waterworks Company, Ardleigh has been stocked with thousands of trout. In 1975 alone, 30,000 were introduced. It is especially noted for its early season brown trout fishing. The browns and rainbows average just over the pound with some of the bigger fish topping 5 lb. A new record brown for this water was taken in March 1977. It weighed 9 lb. 11 oz. An interesting facet of this operation is the accent placed on tuition in fly fishing, group classes and private individual tuition being available. There are also classes in fly tying. Teaching sessions begin in January each yearT DT: TOTM or ATSP(Wooden Fender and Fox & Hounds both near reservoir) x -Last Satin Marto last Sun in OctAWAe Layer Pits Another big fish water-it has yielded sizeable carp and bream over 10 lb – these pits are reserved for members of Colchester APS. Season membership is available. CORRINGHAM Corringham PondC DT: ARO (C. Wood, Culham House, Church Road, Corringham) AWA DAGENHAM TheChaseGPC DT:BKTWAe DANBURY

Danbury Park LakeC



Little Easton Manor This is stately home coarse fishing on four lakes in what must be one of the most beautiful settings in the area. The reader’s attention is specially directed to the limited number of rods available on any one dayC DT:(L20)TO or ARO (Little Easton Manor, near Dunmow; Tel: Great Dunmow2857)AWAe GOSFIELD

Gosfield Hall Lake This water has been stocked with coarse fish, including carp, tench and pikeC DT: Bor AK (Shopon site) -AWA HERONGATE Old Hall LakeC DT: KIAWA LAYER DE LA HAYE Abberton Reservoir This water is believed to contain some of the biggest bream in Britain, including fish of record breaking proportions. Numbers of these fish were transferred to the Suffolk Stour and the current British record, a bream taken from this river in 1971 which weighed 12 lb 14 oz, is thought to have been an Abberton fish. The water also contains other coarse fish, notably pike of specimen proportionsC

DT: (L40)TO (during normal working hours) or ARO (Essex Water Company, Layer de la Haye Works, near Colchester) AWA LOUGHTON

Epping Forest Ponds There are no fewer than 170 ponds here, all but two of them being free fisheries. Among species present are roach, bream, carp and tench. A sensational pike of 471 lb was reported from Hollow Pond, in Feb. 1977, taken on a sprat bait by Londoner Roy Manley, captor from the same water in 1976 of a pike of 34 lb 10oz. The big fish was of record breaking potential but as it was returned alive to the water, no claim can be sustainedC

DT (2 ponds, remainder free): KTWA

Wake Valley PondC Free fishingTWA


Great Myles LakejC






Priory ParkLC

DT:K (Park Keepers) AWA


South Essex Carp Fisheries (GP)

Another Essex water with its share of specimens, the accent here, not surprisingly, is on big carp though there are sizeable examples of other species presentC



The Warren (GP) A recently stocked

Leisure Sport water which is also the subject of research work by a team from the City of London

Polytechnic. For this reason, the proprietors ask visitors to give them reports of interesting catcheslC

WT: ATS (named on sign at entry to site) orARO (Leisure Sport, RMC House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex) AWAe


Hatfield Forest LakejM

DT:KorAC(onsite)v- — TWAe


Thorpe PitsC



Fishers Green (GP) (2) This Leisure

Sport fishery offers specimen coarse fish – including pike to 28 lb • in pits and a section of the River

Lee. It is, however, only available on season permit. Applications to

Leisure Sport (Angling Dpt), RMC

House, High St, Feltham, Mid- dlesexC