This small river drains Glen Finart in Argyllshire. It rises just to the east of Loch Eck and flows southeast to enter Loch Long at Arden-tinny. It offers limited chances for visitors for trout.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Oct 31 (R&L)

Ardentinny, Argylls, StrathclydeT 4 miles from source to sea BB DT:(L6)K Kilmun, Argylls, StrathclydeSTS Section in Benmore Forest DT:AKT (D.Macintosh, Angle Cottage, Ardentinny)RO (Forest Office, Benmore Forest, Kilmun, by Dunoon) Findhorn

A magnificent example of the smaller Scottish salmon river. In its middle reaches, it has impressive gorge pools – not easy fishing by any means, but testing and often rewarding.

Salmon fishing in the early spring is mediocre although there are signs that it might be showing a slight improvement. Again this is a grilse and summer salmon water which comes into its own from July and, because of its source high up in the mountains, tends to take on the character of a spate river -quick rise, quick fall.

The brown trout fishing is probably better than that of the neighbouring Spey, and summer sea-trout sport can be really excellent. SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-Sept 30 (R&L)

Forres, Morays, Grampian

TSTS4milesfrom estuary upstreamBB

WT (only to visitors resident in

Forres or Rafford): ATS (G. G.

Lilley, Tolbooth Street,


Forres, Morays, GrampianSTS Section in area known locally as Meads of St. John Beat WT: ARO (Moray Estates Development Co., Tel: Forres 2213. NB. Advance booking strongly recommended)