Fine wire hooks

A fine wire hook is useful when you fish with particle bait. If there is plenty of room to play a fish, I use a No 6 or 8 Au Lion D’Or hook with Maxima line of 6 or 8lb b.s. Although Maxima has a tendency to fray if a fish becomes snagged in tough weed, it is very supple and comparatively fine for its strength. In any case, it is important to always check the line for damage immediately after a fish has been landed or lost, and discard any which you suspect may be damaged.

Where stronger tackle is required, I usually use 10lb line and either a size 4 Au Lion D’Or or a low-water salmon hook. These hooks are ex-tremely strong, if a little thick in the wire. A new hook, which does away with the need to cut the low-water salmon hook down to size and solderblob the end, is now on sale. Made by Partridge, these hooks are named Jack Hilton carp hooks.

In really snaggy situations, even stronger line may be needed, but to get the benefit from 15lb line re-quires a very powerful rod. Unfor-tunately this sort of tackle often results in the hook being torn out of the fish’s mouth.