Fishing for big crucians

Crucian carp are much neglected by specimen hunters because they fail to reach a good size in most waters. But if you pick your water carefully, you could find yourself attached to a very big fish.

The current record for a crucian carp stands at 5lb 10oz 8dm (2.56kg), but in small farm ponds these fish rarely reach more than 10oz (283g) since they tend to overbreed in shallow water. Fish of this size provide a lot of fun for youngsters, but estate lakes and mature gravel pits with a good growth of lilies, weed and overhanging bushes and trees are a better proposition for the specimen hunter looking to catch a good fish of 2-3lb(0.9-1.4kg).

On some of the larger waters, rich in food and with a head of large pike, many anglers are unaware of the presence of crucians. The fish in these waters are usually very big — but there aren’t very many of them. On this type of water you often have a long wait between bites – avoid them if you want quantity, but try them for quality fish if you have the time and confidence to fish there.