Fishing Hotspots Q and A

Fly fishing in a river

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What is the precise definition of a hotspot?

There is no precise definition. Generally speaking, hotspots are small, highly productive areas, usually a few I square feet, found within a swim. In most cases the reason why a hotspot is rich in fish is not fully understood.

ls there an easy way of locating them?

No. Only experience will enable you to recognize a hotspot. But you can begin by studying a chosen water and systematically exploring it and recording what you see. The advice of an older, more experienced angler who knows the water well also helps. But learning where a hotspot is within a new stretch of water will take time.

Is finding a hotspot the key to successful fishing?

For the novice it is far more important perfecting basic angling skills rather than spending time trying to find a perfect place to fish. With experience, the angler develops an instinct which enables him to track down hotspots. But because access to them is often through a window of a few square feet, accurate casting is essential in order to exploit it. So rather than spending a great deal of time trying to find an elusive hotspot, the novice is best advised to first learn those techniques which will help him exploit a hotspot when he finds one.

Are hotspots to be found in every type of coarse fishing water?

From the smallest stream to the widest river, in the tiniest pond and on the largest reservoir, anglers note patches of water which they consider ‘hotspots’. But hotpots are most often associated with lakes and pits.

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