Forth & Clyde Canal

Cut to carry traffic from the North Sea to the Clyde, the Forth and Clyde Canal has not been used since the 50s, some sections having been filled in completely. It is a coarse fishery, particularly popular with anglers from North West England who find it within reasonable reach in these motorway days, not least because it also offers somewhere to fish during the coarse fish close season south of the border. Roach abound in the canal with some of specimen size occasionally reported. There are also perch and pike, small examples of the latter often being a plague for anglers seeking other fish. The section controlled by the Glasgow and West of Scotland Coarse Fishing Association also contains tench and carp. The record roach for the canal weighed 2 lb 4 oz and the record pike, 37 lb. For some years the canal has been the setting for the annual Scottish Coarse Fishing Championships -better known as the Scottish National – though in recent years weights have not been big. Access for visitors is good to this water which, it would be fair to say, was among the first to provoke the comparative interest in coarse fishing in Scotland. Banknock, Stirlings, CentralC4 miles from Wyndford Lock at Banknock to AuchinstarryTP DT:AAA (Glasgow &W of Scotland C.F.A.) Glasgow, StrathclydeCEntire canal, except for section between Banknockand Dullatur leased to Glasgow and W of Scotland CFA No DT but inexpensive season tickets ARO (British Waterways Board, Old Basin Works, Applecross Street, Glasgow C4) • FOGS Dyke Navigation. See R.