Rising near Foston, the Foss through Strensall to meet the Ouse at York. It is canalised in its lower sections through the city. These lower reaches can be specially productive when the Ouse is in flood and the basin at York is particularly noted for pike. It is coarse fishing throughout with some access for visitors. Earswick, N YorksCSection on right bank Free fishing LAVER

This short stream runs for 8 miles to join the Ure at Ripon it offers fly fishing for trout.

Ripon, N YorksT -12 miles from Birkby Nab to Rustic Bridge, RiponBB DT:(L2)ATS(Hodgsons, Ripon)-Apr1-Sept30 NIDD Of all the major Ouse tributaries, this one offers the least opportunity to the ticket fisher. A majority of the associations with fishing also operate limited membership systems. The Nidd rises high on the

Pennines at Great Whernside (2,000 ft) and flows via Pateley Bridge and Knaresborough through one of the most famous of the Yorkshire Dales to meet the Ouse near Nun Monkton. It is trout and grayling fishing in the upper reaches with coarse fish – especially fine barbel – predominating the nearer the angler approaches the Ouse.

Knaresborough, N YorksM2 mile from Grimbald Bridgeto Birkham WoodsRB DT: ATS (Knaresborough)F (near fishing)

Knaresborough, N YorksC2 mile at the Dropping Well (between the two town bridges)RB DT: ATS (Smith’s, High Street, Knaresborough)

Skip Bridge, N YorksC2 mile from Wilstrop railway bridge to Skip BridgeRB DT:AG (Skip Bridge Garage)Jun 1-Feb27)e

Tockwith, NyorksC1 mile from Fleet Beck down to York and Dist. A. of A. notice board above weirRB DT:AP (Crown Inn, Kirk Hammerton):Jun 1-Feb27e

Associations: Yorkand District Amalgamation; Leeds ASA; Nidd Records

Match Catch Record: 43-0-8 G

Eastwood in club match date unknown

Chub:’5-9-0E.Stone 1

Dace: 1 -0-0 G. Wells date unknown

Roach: 2-11-0 M. Johnson caster

Nov 1 ‘bigger chub than this have been reported from the Nidd but all were caught in the close season