This coarse fish river is formed by a meeting of streams at Gipping in East Suffolk. From there it flows via Stowmarket and Ipswich to reach the sea at Harwich through a long estuary known as the River Orwell. In recent years, the river has been the subject of big re-stocking operations staged by the Gipping APS and the predecessors of the Anglian Water Authority. The pre-dominant species are dace and roach, the latter sometimes of specimen quality. Other coarse fish, like chub, bream, tench, perch and pike, are also present in reasonable numbers.

Rod Licence: AWA (East Suffolk and Norfolk Rivers Division) Ipswich, SuffolkC4 miles from Ipswich to Bramford TP DT:ATS (Ipswich)

Ipswich, SuffolkC2 miles from Ipswich to Bos Hall Free fishing Glass. See Isle of Man