Draining the Ardgoil Estate, the Goil enters saltwater Loch Goil at Lochgoilhead. It offers salmon, sea trout and brown trout with chances for visitors.

SOS: Feb 11-Aug 26 (Net); Feb 11-

Oct 31 (R&L)

Arrochar, Argylls, Strathclyde

STSFishing in area specified by permit

DT:AK (Chief Forester, Forest

Office, Ardgartan Forest,


Carrick, Argylls, Strathclyde TSTSFishinginarea DT: AH (Carrick Castle Hotel, Carrick)RO (Forestry Commission, Ardgarten, Arrochar) Lochgoilhead, Argylls, StrathclydeTSTS Sections on left bank in area DT:(L5)ARO (Forestry Commission Office Ardgartan, Arrochar)Mid-JuntoMid-Oct

Lochgoilhead, Argylls,

StrathclydeTSTSJ milefrom village bridgetomouthBB DT: AH (Drimsynie House, Loch-goilheadJls

Gryfe. See R. Clyde