Grantham Canal

This disused waterway once linked Grantham with Nottingham. Many sections are unfishable because of neglect and intensive weed growths. It contains roach, bream, pike and some tench and carp. There are some ticket facilities for visitors and in addition, Nottingham AA have a section reserved for members only, this association being one of those open for anyone to join. Bottesford, Grantham and Woolsthorpe are convenient centres.

Rod Licence: Source to Knipton, AWA (Lincolnshire Rivers Divi-sion). Knipton to Nottingham, STWA (Trent River Division) Bottesford, LeicsC 5 milesfrom Woolsthorpe Wharf to Redmile BridgeTP

DT:BorATS(Grantham)P (Rutland Arms, Woolsthorpe) e Grantham, LincsC7 milesfrom Earlsfield Lane, Grantham, to top lockatWoolsthorpeTP DT: ATS (at Grantham and at Watson’s, Nottingham) Woolsthorpe, LincsCl mile between Woolsthorpe top and bottom locksTP DT:AP (Rutland Arms, Woolsthorpe)

Haigh Canal

This is not a separate water but a familiar name given by anglers in the Wigan area to the section of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal between Johnson’s Hill Lock at Chorley and New Springs at Wigan. For details of fishing, see Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Another of the waterways in the series which connects industrial Yorkshire with Lancashire, this canal forms the greater part of the link between the Calder and Hebble Navigation and the Ashton Canal near Manchester. A coarse fishery of variable quality, it offers plenty of opportunity for visitors. Rod Licences: YWA (Yorkshire sections of the canal); NWWA (all other sections)